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Retired, aging but still peppy!

Retired, aging but still peppy, I have been a human and animal rights activist for more than 50 years.

After university, where I studied fine arts, literature , I set about to find adventure in the world before it tethered me to mortgages and marriages and 9 to 5 ambitions.

Thus I am well-traveled, and definitely well adventured, having spent several years in Great Britain, Greece and Spain,. In 1970's Athens, I lived with a family of revolutionaries who successfully fought the military junta of Papadapoulos in 1974.

I am a writer, a major-donor fundraiser for charities and human rights causes. My work has taken me to the streets of London for the homeless, to Parliament to protest human rights violations with Liberty UK, to the homes of of numerous Holocaust survivors with the Anne Frank Trust, and the European Courts to protest vivisection. In the states, I worked with refugees from Bosnia, South America, Darfur and Somalia.

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I wish I had been elected Empress of the Universe in order to save animals, children and the oppressed from the ravages of cruelty and greed.
— Mary McGlashon

Euro-view is an American ex-pat's unvarnished, irreverent perspective on the Western World from the safe

perch of a European country. Nothing is sacred and everything is raw meat for discussion. History,

religion, sex, death, sin and much more!