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 Debbie was involved in many ministries for twenty-two-years in her local church where she sharpened all her creative tools in acting, dancing, singing, choreography, writing directing, historical research, set builds, prop making, and sang occasional solos during performances and weekly choir. During those years she also oversaw a banquet ministry in which her original recipes were orchestrated by her staff of forty volunteers, mixed with her well accepted passionate leadership, creative design and gift for hospitality. Modeling came as a natural progression, after modeling on a local runway at a large national department store, where she was approached by a modeling agency. Besides her catering company, restaurant work, ministries and her volunteerism with previous creative works, many new doors were opened by her involvement with her modeling agency. The agency added to her path of runway modeling, professional print work, print and filmed commercials and Debbie is now pursuing professional movie acting. Networking opened her opportunities to published magazine writing and to sing a song she wrote at a dance troupe performance at a local college in which she also danced throughout. Because of all her activities she has also been invited to be a guest chef at a local restaurant where she developed and cooked the menu and was the entertainment, along with strolling models from her agency. She also modeled and was an informative mistress of ceremonies during the event. Debbie has also been MC for a fashion show and luncheon, and has been a paid speaker, speaking on how to reinvent yourself, which she clearly keeps doing throughout her life with passion.