Glickman Digital Media provides unique, professional Voice Over Artists.

GDM offers ad-reads, pre-recorded ads if you're looking for greater, substantial brand-integrated advertisements.

We have not only top voice over-professionals, we have immediate access to some of the industry's best voice-over artists, enabling us to produce your ads, full-scale and in-house...and if you're looking for highly produced full-scale, integrated ad campaigns and/or branded shows, they will be produced, edited, and hosted by our talented host, available on our feed.

In sum, we offer:

. Ad-Reads in every show;

 . Add your pre-recorded ads;

. We record and produce original ads, full-scale integrated ad campaigns, and branded shows.

 . Artistically produced audio pieces clients may use in their own marketing.

. Industry-comparable package and individual ad pricing.


What is Branded Content?

GDM Branded content is designed to increase brand-awareness by associating it with specific content and/or people sharing your values and market goals.

Let us show you how.

GDM's compelling and wholly modern branded marketing strategies powerfully counter negative market trends, such as the decreasing acceptance of traditional commercials.

Let us show you how.

GLICKMAN DIGITAL MEDIA, a multimedia company producing daring and provocative original and acquired programming:  Our Branded Content Service.

Do you need help scaling up your business?

Do you have a product or service?

GLICKMAN DIGITAL MEDIA, with Jonathan Wolfman's PASSIONATE JUSTICE on every major podcast platform is crafted for high production value. When you advertise in an entertaining and informative show format, you're messaging directly to a modern, diverse worldwide audience.

We not only have host/author Jonathan Wolfman, carrying potent credibility as a spokesperson to the Passionate Justice audience, we also have ongoing access to some of the industry's best voice-over artists to share your customer testimonials and/or to increase your  brand-awareness.

And if you are looking for original jingles or theme music, we have access to some of the top talents in the music industry, in all genres.

The difference between a simple ad-read and integrated ad campaigns with branded content is this:  GDM will increase your brand awareness through direct marketing to our diverse, global, variety of audiences, 22 - 85, in the PASSIONATE JUSTICE feed, via websites, and social media direct marking targeted ads for the demographic you want to reach.