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The White Rose Society was founded at the University of Munich. In 1942, Germany’s National Socialist dictatorship had dragged the country into a disastrous war and was deeply engaged in Hitler’s “final solution” against the Jews. Stories of atrocities filtered their way into the consciousness of German civilians, and a group of students at the university began to organize. Leaflets were released. Graffiti appeared on buildings. Every major city in Germany and Austria knew of their presence. The Gestapo executed the membership. That government had no tolerance for dissent, after all. Through their simple, nonviolent acts of resistance...it is from them we gain collective inspiration and wisdom to take action.

They boldly spoke that they would not accept the massacre of millions in their name as Germans. Today, as the world turns its back on democracy and human rights, we will stand up for those who are oppressed, marginalized and killed in the name of greed and ignorance. We stand, bound to nonviolence, for it is only through peaceful action that we can finally achieve justice.